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Flyman-managed NOC services effectively monitor network devices, and ensure each of them are functioning perfectly for secure and reliable infrastructure.

Our Projects

Projects Description

Networking management
We have kept up with the growing IT industry leading the rat race in providing state of art, customized, wireless networking solutions for Local Area Networks as well as linking of two or more networks using various P2P wireless solutions ,Internet Services and WAN. On the software side we undertake network configuration tasks such as deploying Client-Server based networks, installations and configuration of domains, implementing Microsoft based server operating system, Mail servers, Portal servers, Web servers and Software Management.

Air condition installation
Both Cooporate and Home use, From low templature to high templature in all seasons. we install, repair and maintain.

Multimedia Technology
Creating multimedia designs, magazines, business cards, car brands, product brands graphics in liaison with animators, programmers, writers, video producers, sound engineers and artists, developing and using skills and expertise in appropriate design packages such as Photoshop, In Design and After Effects also Live event video production.

Hardware and software Procurement
Products associated to Technology and distribution via wholesale and retail business to industries, businesses, offices, home and projects. We provide hardware equipments like laptops, desktops, printers, photocopiers, projectors, production accessories and cameras, Point of sale accessories, CCTV cameras, access control systems, smart phones, Air Condition equipments, networking accessories, display devices(LCD and TV), gaming equipments and GPS systems.

Certified electricians, trained on telecommunications power supply equipment such as rectifiers, batteries, standby generators, solar equipment, uninterruptible power supplies and all associated reticulation, ensure that power systems on site are adapted to local conditions providing stable supplies to critical equipment. Where possible and practicable, renewable systems are utilized such as photovoltaic panels and wind generators. Our engineers are on constant technology watch for usable developments in cost effective power supply equipment.

Internet Marketing
We focus on how businesses solve marketing problems through technology. So clients’ see how can help them, instead of simply listing a menu of technology solutions also aim to attract potential clients to business that share the same business values. Using social media to advertise , like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube

Consultation and Training
Offering introductory IT courses of Microsoft-Office Basics, entrepreneurship, QuickBooks and sage Financial Accounting Packages, PC Maintenance & Troubleshooting, Networking, Digital marketing, Website Design & Development & Graphics Designing Courses.

Accounting Package Solutions
Every business faces a challenge connecting outside its Accounting procedures. The fact is existing business systems often fall short delivering this connectivity. We provide acconting package suit-able for businesses.

Telecom Services
Optic fiber planning, laying, installation and commissioning and termination, Tower inspection and audit,Installation and integration of PDH/SDH Terrestrial Radio (Nokia, Strates, Ericsson, etc.), Installation and integration of UMTX, GPRS, WIMAX, LTE, Power system installations, commissioning and optimization (EMERSON, GRENTEK), Installation, commissioning and integration of High Capacity Digital Mutltiplex-ADM and OSN, Maintenance of GSM900/1800 and Transmission radio Access Equipment, Radio network optimization, Transmission system hardware installation, tuning and calibration, Technical site surveys, Other wireless network (e.g. WLL, WLAN, point to Multi-point), Importation and Supply of telecommunication equipment and accessories (e.g. feeders, antenna, flylades, polyphasors, indoor solution equipment, etc.), RF installation for a complete site: GSM, G2, G3, & GPRS, FLEXI BTS, NODE B), BTS Site Maintenance and Power, In Building Solution – IBS