Flyman Technology Limited was registered company under company act 2002 with registration number 141114 incorporated on February 2018 and TIN number 136-719-793, The corporate office located at Mikocheni A, Dar es Salaam, near Feza School also at Buni Innovation Hub, Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology, Costech-building, Kijitonyama, Dar es Salaam.

The Company serves the telecommunication industries in Tanzania with cutting edge systems and standards which continue to deliver excellence for all clients. From this successful and solid foundation, Flyman continues to combine the best installation and maintenance practices to offer a range of solutions which continues to drive Flyman’s emergence as a significant force in the African telecom industry.


Building innovation and practice of technology to community considering sectors of development. Strives to foster and maintain positive relationships with each and every client (both internal and external), by providing cutting edge technology services at reasonable and competitive prices.

We carefully keep track of the exciting developments in the telecom industry and derive important new tasks out of it. In our commitment to excellence in service, we train our technical staff across the world with different vendor equipments to make sure we are ahead in technological expertise and we are not left behind with the fast growing telecom industry.

Our Group

Originally formed as university technology group in various universities including University of Dar es salaam and Mzumbe University, Flyman changed its status to Flyman Technology Limited. Wholly owned by Dominic Deusdedith as CEO and Director also partnering with other Directors and Staffs.With the growing necessity to deliver high quality yet cost effective solutions to the market, Flyman is well positioned to offer a range of services in telecom to all our clients combined with the talented management team that ensure efficient delivery of all our projects

Flyman focuses its efforts in innovative technology solutions to the community in Africa. Strives to foster and maintain solid relationships with its clients, fine tune its services, and continue to develop innovative business solutions that improve the way clients do business. Due to its small size, Flyman has the unique ability to act quickly and easily meets or beats its deadlines. Its main limitation is its limited staff resources. Flyman plans to expand personnel over the next years to meet achieve a balance of supply and demand.

Flyman Technology Limited

Flyman seeks long term contracts with a focus on networking, software development, and consultation and hardware equipments. Targets different development sectors: healthcare, SME’s, education, NGO’s and agriculture. By specifically targeting these areas of interest, The industry expert and can truly not only understand its customers’ needs but can identify solutions that are just as dynamic as the technologies and industries themselves.

Primary objective of Flyman Technology is to provide custom solutions with outstanding customer service– which enhances its customer’s efficiency and secures long relationship via contracts and recurring projects.With a large installation and maintenance capability, we are able to offer all clients complete management in key telecom service, along with site surveys, network design, configuration, and commissioning for telecom equipment.